S-License Program

The S-License membership program is designed for small to mid size companies that cannot afford to buy a building and spend 18 months to obtain a cannabis license in the California marketplace. Since California is the largest cannabis market, many out of state companies are looking for a fast track method to sell in CA and are utilizing our S license membership program to diversify their territory and move quickly into the largest market for cannabis. Our membership program operates the same for in-state small companies as well as the out of state larger companies. If you have a product to sell and discovered us for manufacturing, then chances are you’re also looking for a way to get a license into the California marketplace quickly. Everyone is looking for the easy button and fast track method to obtain a CA cannabis license. We provide that option at 1/100th of the cost of spinning up a building and paying all of the fees and following all of the regulations which can take between 12 to 18 months. The S-License program application process takes several hours to complete and roughly four months in time to obtain your very own annual license.

The California Shared -Use License allows our members the opportunity to jump the normal application process line. By essentially piggy backing our license you are automatically approved by regulation and codes since your license will share our designation and building address so it automatically passes all inspection and code requirements. This is the reason it only takes four months to get your annual license and at a fraction of the cost. We offer a two tier system with membership dues to keep our staff and equipment ready and up to date to manufacture your products. We maintain and file your SOPs with the state and create binders for your IP and recipes that you own and kept secure in your own secure safe that you are provided.

Please contact us via email with a short description of your product needs and we will schedule a call with you to discuss the California S-License membership program. Once we both sign an NDA we can talk more freely and schedule an onsite visit as well for you to see our facility first hand.


Kylae Jordan

Director S-License Membership Program